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Just for today, I will…
Not be angry,
Not worry,
Be grateful,
Do my work honestly,
Be kind to every living thing.

– Reiki Principles

Holistic Healing & Training Center

Treatments in Reiki, Acupressure, Reflexology, Chinese Cupping, Seichim

The American Medical Association reports that 80-85% of all human illness and disease can be attributed in part to stress

Time to leave stress and its illnesses behind you?

  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety, addictions, physical or mental pain and suffering
  • Improve health and life energy flow (known as Chi or Qi) for a more positive life
  • Remove unwanted negative energy and emotional blockages affecting your health, and find inner calm with Reiki and Seichim Energy Healing
  • Reduce physical tension, aches, and pain on the body's muscles, nerves, joints and organs, and improve blood circulation and flow of energy or Chi for better health through Chinese
  • Acupressure, Reflexology, and/or Chinese Cupping.

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Note: pricing dependent on current exchange rate.

Travel to Harmony House Thailand

  • Relieve suffering and harmonize your mind, body and spirit at Harmony House
  • Breathe in the fresh ocean breeze at our Khanom Beach location in Thailand (Between Phuket & Koh Samui)
  • Learn to also heal yourself with a Training Course in Holistic Healing and return home with healing hands and a memorable experience
  • Master Jet Lie is a recognized healer with over 20 years of experience and has provided holistic treatments to over a thousand people

Holistic Healing Treatments

Affordable and effective holistic healing treatments (price dependent on current exchange rates)

  • Reiki – 1 hour treatment - $47 US Dollars or 1500 Thai Baht
  • Seichim - 1 hour treatment - $47 US Dollars or 1500 Thai Baht
  • Acupressure 1 hour treatment - $47 US Dollars or 1500 Thai Baht
  • Chinese Cupping - 1 hour treatment - $47 US Dollars or 1500 Thai Baht
  • Reflexology and other massage treatments – start at $9 US Dollars or 300 THB


Thank you for your healing touch and comforting spirit. The "coolest" guy I have met in many years. Hope to see you very soon.

– Maria De Paulo, New York, USA

I feel much more balanced now than for a long time. Your energy is very gentle but powerful. I only wish that I had come to you earlier in my holiday. Again, thank you very much. In Love and Light.

– Ian May, Plymouth, UK